Introducing Loqui: A Shiny app for Creating Automated Videos

Loqui is an open source web application that enables the creation of automated videos using ari, an R package for generating videos from text and images. Loqui takes as input either a Google Slides URL or a Microsoft PowerPoint file, extracts the speaker notes from the slides, and converts them into an audio file. Then, it converts the Google Slides to images and ultimately, generates an mp4 video file where each image is presented with its corresponding audio.

The functionality of Loqui relies on two R packages, namely ari and text2speech, which run in the background. Although it is certainly possible to go directly to these packages and run their functions for course generation, we realize that not everyone feels comfortable programming in R. This web application offers an intuitive and user-friendly interface allowing individuals to effortlessly create automated videos without the need for programming skills.

Privacy Policy: We only collect the date and time of usage, duration of the generated video, and the provided email address.
This initiative is funded by the following grant: National Cancer Institute (NCI) UE5 CA254170